To all Champions League Engineers – I am looking for you!

Whether you are engineering as a computer scientist currently at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Slack or any other artificial intelligence & machine learning company or start up, get in touch with me – if you are playing at the very top within your area of expertise.  Be it in open (API) architecture, chatbots, user experience, back-end, security, blockchain, AI & machine learning, or similar.

Would love to meet and discuss/explore the opportunity I can offer for your next professional life step.

Wanna live your rockstar talent to create the most amazing product?

A product that excites 100 million people … Are you ready to go for a moonshot?

Everyone can improve a product for an existing customer base. But creating a new experience for 100 million people requires new bold innovative thinking. It stretches your imaginary. It makes you feel uncomfortable if you will succeed. Then you are on my track … !

If you consider yourself amongst the best in your field, if you believe you can develop yourself 100x further, then you are the one I am looking for.