Hey – I am Marco. Great having you on my site. For those who haven’t met me yet, let me briefly give you some background on me, so you have a better picture.

Over the last several years, I had the privilege and pleasure to lead the digital transformation initiative at one of the most prestigious private banks in the world. It was not only a global undertaking with a strong focus on Asia, the US, UK and Switzerland, but also across various customer segments such as wealth management clients, retail banking clients, as well as corporate and institutional clients. And we took off full steam and never stopped pushing the boundaries. It was an unique experience, an amazing journey: I assembled a distinguished global digital team from scratch, I learned first hand what works and what not, I gathered enormous amounts of insights, I delivered applications globally, and witnessed the catalysts to drive customer adoption. During that time I worked with the best providers, thought leaders and digital agencies in the world and I have seen more than 1000 start-ups trying to either cooperate with incumbents or to replace them.

Before being immersed into digital, I was driving growth globally for a specific business segment, developing new tailored products and launching its first social business network platform. This was fun too.

Now I am so excited to apply and leverage my experiences to create digital take-offs, product innovation as well as business model innovation. I am ready – are you too?

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